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lør. 18. mai


The Villa

Sola Wang & Tania Næss // Sweat Shop: Slindre (Lokomotiv)

Sola Wang & Tania Næss // Sweat Shop: Slindre (Lokomotiv)
Sola Wang & Tania Næss // Sweat Shop: Slindre (Lokomotiv)

Tid og sted

18. mai 2024, 23:00 – 19. mai 2024, 03:00

The Villa, Møllergata 23-25, 0179 Oslo, Norge

Om arrangementet

—Main— Sola Wang Tanya næss

—SS— Slindre

—Sola Wang— Sola Wang is half Colombian and half Norwegian. While turning 15 years he started producing parties in his parents' gallery, El Parche in Bogotá. Since then, he has developed his skills through his uncle, disc jockey Gabriel Odin. He's currently running a club concept called Raw Rhythm which has taken place in both Norway and Colombia, he has played at clubs such as Jaeger Oslo & The Villa Oslo among others. His style varies from Deep Tech Progressive House to Melodic Techno. Listen to his music --->

—Slindre— Meet Slindre, a passionate devotee of House music. With an insatiable hunger for infectious beats, he's on a perpetual quest for the grooviest tracks, all driven by his mission to share the rhythm with anyone ready to lose themselves on the dance floor. Slindre's musical palette is as diverse as it gets, ranging from disco to techno, but it's House music and its rich cultural heritage that consistently steal the spotlight, infusing his sets with soul, funk, jazz, and a healthy dose of sass. In Oslo's vibrant dance scene, Slindre is a prominent figure, serving as one of the driving forces behind the innovative queer club concept, LOKOMOTIV. Here, he brings his unique blend of bass-driven electro and all-around fun vibes to the table, contributing to the electric atmosphere that defines the club's ethos.

Instagram: @slindredj SoundCloud: Resident Advisor:

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