JAY TRIPWIRE (CA) & Mannex! // Sweat Shop: Jan Mayen HMD

Time: november 18, 2017 23:00 - 03:00
Location: The Villa

Jay Tripwire
Dette er noe å se frem til. Med gjentatte opptredener på Londons storstue Fabric og andre velkjente venues, har Jay vist seg å være en helt knall DJ.

In the 90’s a new sound appeared, a mixture of elements of Detroit inspired Techno with the tempo and rhythms of house music-it later became known as Tech House(a term coined by Mr. C).

It was the early productions of Jay tripwire that defined this as a genre, and because of this he cemented his place and paved the way for other artists to follow. Jay has released over 300 vinyl records and hundreds of digital projects and his culmitive sales top well over 500 000 sales. Jay has appeared on many of the finest labels in dance music, and has been an integral name into cementing new labels into existence. He has collaborated with some of the best in the business and remixed numerous other artists.

First and Foremost Jay is a Dj and his craft goes back to the early 90’s, when every party was vinyl only, He has over 2 decades under his belt professionally and has toured extensively for 18 years with gigs taking him to over 200 cities. His finely crafted extended sets deviate from the norm and as a DJ he encompasses a very wide range of music. Jay shows up to his gigs armed with his own personal re edits, he uses no sync button or laptop computer, he still mixes by ear and his mixing is on par with any DJ using the sync feature.

His signature style of long drawn out blends create a rich tapestry of audio, where its not easy to tell where one song starts and the other ends. To many, Jay tripwire is known as one of the godfathers of all things underground, and his ablity to play extended sets of up to 10 hours demonstrate his fine tined and honed skillset as a DJ.

Jay has recently become a resident at Mr. Cs legendary SuperFreq parties and a regular contributor to the label, some of the notable parties have been at BPM festival, NYC for Resolute, and of course Fabric in London. Locally Jay has played over 500 underground parties and has held an on off residency at the infamous Gorgomish for 11 years.

Mannex er den perfekte oppvarmeren til Jay Tripwire, og kler stilen hans som hånd i hanske – derfor blir det hans dype grooves dere danser til før kveldens hedersgjest inntar boothen.

Hjemme med dama altså HMD, er Jan-Fredrik Bjerk´s hjerteprosjekt. Forvent house og techno av ulike sorter du sjeldent hører her til lands.

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