Crussen & Nils Noa // Sweat Box: David Dajani & Krass

Time: februar 16, 2019 23:00 - 03:00
Location: The Villa

Herregud så deilig!!!

Endelig kan vi presentere Crussen i vår kjære kjeller. Selv om han er svensk føler vi egentlig at han er litt «vår». Med gigs rundt på kloden og masse fantastiske utgivelser har han skaffet seg masse fans fra fjernt og nært, og vi er så glad vi endelig kunne få lurt han til å spille for oss. En skikkelig kjærkommen booking. Resident og booker Nils Noa varmer opp det hele.


Bio Crussen:
I see, smell, hear, taste, listen and feel and let the impressions marinate in curiosity, laughter and contemplation until they burst out through my finger tips. Sometimes I’m surprised – most of the times I’m smiling.
Music is my favourite forum for expressing myself. As I dive into new experiences and consciously explore the human potential and what life has to offer I grow personally and along with it my musical expression. My music and my performance has become a direct and transparent reflection of my inner world. The more I tap into this inner, creative center – the more I want to share from it. That is why I find myself pursuing a mission that has developed naturally and with the help of the feedback from my surround. It is a message that I try to communicate through various mediums; creating music, DJing, harmonica playing, breathwork & sound journey workshops and of course – by embodying it myself in every wake moment. The message is an encouragement – an inspiration – I want to give you an opportunity to just be, to allow yourself to be playful – on the dancefloor and off. Naively I hope this will trickle out into your daily life and you will feel animated and motivated to attack everything in life with a playful touch.

David Dajani & Krass
Techno, acid, electro og annen klubbmusikk. Bilett:120. ID:23. Liste: